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Eriochrome Black T C.I. 14645


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Eriochrome Black T C.I. 14645

Eriochrome Black T is a complexometric indicator that is part of the complexometric titrations, e.g. in the water hardness determination process.

  • Water Hardness Indicator
  • Indicator for Metal Titration

C.I. 14645
Dye Content: >60%
Molecular Formula: C20H12N3NaO7S
Molecular Weight: 461.39 g/mol
Strength: 100% +/- 5%
Shade: within visual tolerances
Loss on Drying: <1%
Solubility in Water: Soluble (Red Solution)

Hazard Phrazes: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Cas No: 1787-61-7
Einecs No: 217-250-3
Eriochrome Black T C.I. 14645
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